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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 2, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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check on the chilly weather forecast. tucker barnes is in the weather center this morning with the details. cold conditions across the area. a lot of 20s, even at this hour, off to the north and west. so bring along a jacket as you head out to the polls this morning. temperatures later today still on the cool side. let's get to the numbers, here in washington, one of the warmer spots, 39 degrees. but frederick, just 28. a lot of freeze and frost advisories early today. they've expired moments ago. hagerstown 33 degrees. dulles 34. patuxent naval air station 39, ocean city 37. and out in dover 32. so our coldest morning yet and that will lead to a cool afternoon. we'll have plenty of sunshine. and i know we have cloudiness to start the day but we should have plenty of afternoon sunshine and we're not expecting rain shower activity today. but the cool temperatures will stick around for much of the week. so definitely jacket weather continues for our tuesday. a lot of sunshine and remaining cool this afternoon. we'll warm up in the low to mid- 50s. 54 here in town.
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many of you only about 50-51. so definitely jacket weather. more details on the forecast. a little rain in the five-day. not much of a warmup in store. i'll have all of the details coming up. the polls in the closely- watched mid-term election are now open. people lined up this morning. many are voting in several key races across the area. including the governor of maryland, slots in and rend you will county -- and rund elt county and ambulance fee in montgomery county. and sarah simmons is covering the races in virginia but we start this morning with stacy cohan and the election in maryland. stacy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and of course what everybody is talking about across the state is this gubinatorial rematch, if you will, between governor alley and former governor robert ehrlich. i have to say there has been a differentation in the poll numbers. and most recently showing o'malley with more than a ten-
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point lead over ehrlich but you never know until the day arrives. and so both candidates are out here campaigning in pat omic -- potomac park. and many are telling us that the democratic and republican vying for governor has been at the top of the list. and now this is a district that goes 9-1 democrats over republicans so i was sort of getting a skewed opinion over here but that issue brought them out. and i talked to them in general about why they think it's important to get out the vote this morning. >> it's injure civic duty more than anything else. and it's a privilege and an honor and that is what brings me out year after year. whether it's a big election or a small one. issues are important from year to year but that's the most important thing. >> if the republicans think they can do it better, hopefully they can. that's all i can say. i'm voting democratic, but if they can get the economy back on track and get people back to
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work, i would like to see them do it. >> reporter: and there is another issue out here that is quite nonpartisan and that is ambulance fee many montgomery county. ike leggett is pushing a referendum on the ballot to begin fees for ambulance service. career firefighters are also supporting it because mr. leggett is threatening to layoff firefighters if it doesn't pass. critics say it will discourage sick people for calling for ambulance service if there are fees. and finally in anne arundel county there is a an initiative about slot machines. there is a developer that wants to build a casino next to arundel mills mall and that's served as a contentious issue in that part of the state and the polling on that has been fairly evenly split so they are expecting turnout in that county. polls are open here until 8:00 p.m. so come on out and vote and we'll be following it for you all day long on
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back to you. now to virginia where a congressional race is drawing national attention because it could usher in a change in power on capitol hill. we're talking about the congressional race in virginia's 11th district. >> it is tight between gerry connelly and republican challenging keith fimian. sarah simons is in springfield with more on the virginia races. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. we've seen a steady flow of voters coming in here at springfield. a lot of people that are very enthusiastic to vote and they know how big the election is. they know people are watching nationwide and that this could help change the majority in the congress. so people are very knowledgeable about the fact that this is a big election. very tight races here as well, as you mentioned. the 11th district here in fairfax between gerry connelly, the democratic incumbent and the republican running against him keith fimian. connelly voting just a couple of hours ago in his precinct in
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fairfax. this is a rematch from two years ago, if you'll remember. keith fimian lost to connelly by 12 points. well this race is much tighter this time around. both sides have been pouring cash in for the political ads, campaigning to the very end. now some voters that i have talked with this morning say they don't like that connelly has supported the president's agenda but then you have democrats that say they still support president obama and still support what he stands for and his agenda. and now the second district is supposed to be close. 5th district, the democratic incumbent from a couple of years ago, the freshman congressman there running against robert hurt. that is expected to be a very tight one. and also a referendum possibly on the president and his agenda. and in the 9th district as well is expected to be tight between democrats and republicans. but back out here live again.
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a lot of mixed reaction. polls close at 7:00 and we'll be following it throughout the day. back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. meanwhile in the district, not as much drama. vincent gray is expected to win the mayor's race. he has no republican challenging him but there are three other candidates. voters will be able to decide on whether the attorney general should be appointed by the mayor or elected by the people. there are a few races for d.c. council members from wards one, three, five and six plus two at- large counsel ors and the chairman. and a lot on the ballot across the nation. there are 435 house seats and 37 senate seats. republicans need 39 seats for a majority in the house. and 10 seats for a majority in the senate. joining us this morning christina ballen tony from roll call to talk about the big races across the country and to pass along your predictions. good morning. >> good morning. >> let me ask you, what does it take going into this to come up
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with that educated prediction? >> well you study the polls. you sort of look at history. you have to talk to voters as well and i think that's something you're seeing across the country. voters are very frustrated with washington and that's why you'll see the majority party, the democrats punished in some way. more than likely that he will lose control in the house. but there are a few republicans that might get a rebuke from voters who are frustrated with the way things are going. >> you predicted one surprise of the g.o.p. and the third party candidate might help with the democrats? >> yes. this is a fascinating example particularly in nevada where voters have said they don't like harry reid or his republican opponent sharron angle. she's a tea party favorite. so they have an option to vote for none of the above in nevada. there is also a tea party con date, a conservative candidate. so there are multiple other options which means harry reid can win with 36% of the vote, 37% of the vote and that's
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where he is in the polls. so i think he may pull it out there and it's going to be close and we'll find out how bad of a night it is for the democrats if he wins. >> not a confidence builder -- none of the above on that. >> and this is part of a three party candidate election here and what is your prediction for the race in florida? >> it's looking like marco rubio, the republican candidate, sort of a political up start. he was the speaker of the house in florida for sometime. you'll hear about him on the national stage once he wins. but it started out with charlie crist and rubio challenged him in a primary and chris couldn't win that and he dropped out of the republican party and become an independent. he has the party of where he might drop out. >> and the whole deal with former president clinton.
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and does that kind of scandal but question mark around a candidate, that shouldn't help much. >> it won't help very much. it does paint charlie crist as an opportuneity and he's not going to win it. >> we're talking about the democrat meeks in that florida. and looking at california now. a lot of anti-incumbent sentiment out there. barbara boxer is a name we know well. what do you think the outcome will be in this one? >> well this is my home state. and i've long thought that senator boxer, she pretty much represents california which is a liberal state. and you have a governor's race that has trended completely toward the democrat former governor jerry brown. that will help boxer to get democrats to come out and for her race, for congressional races and so i think you will see a republican in the bay area lose a house seat, that's dan lundgren. and that's my prediction.
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and you'll see barbara boxer win it. it will be close but she will win it. >> and on the ballot is the whole marijuana question. and i find that fascinating. and we spoke about that yesterday. do you have a prediction about that? >> i think it will pass. i wrote about this months ago. it's the issue for governments to regulate and tax marijuana. medical marijuana is legal in california so this is an area where you are saying yes, san francisco, you can do this, it will be great for tax cover -- coffers and it will set up big court battles eventually, but i think this will pass. >> she's written just a little bit about it. thank you so much. christina bella tony with roll call. and so we'll see if the predictions do come true. thank you very much. >> fox 5 is the place to turn for complete election day and evening coverage. join us at 9:00 tonight for a
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special and then the fox 5 news at 10:00. we'll have the results of the control of congress and you can check up-to-the-minute results all night long on a former army officer is accused of trying to hit someone with his car on purpose. we'll tell you what happened to let to his legal struggles this morning. plus a woman wrote a letter to president obama and how that letter and the president's response is helping her family get back on its feet. you're watching fox 5 morning news. it's 11 minutes after 9:00. dort for his "tough, decisive steps" on the state budget and unwavering commitment to education. o'malley's made college more affordable. he's helping restore the health of the chesapeake bay, has forward-looking plans on transportation and a record reducing violent crime.
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governor martin o'malley. one leader moving maryland forward.
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a fire at a senior center in the district overnight, the woman that was rushed to the hospital has now died. firefighters got a call for a fire at the green leaf senior center on delaware avenue at 11:00 last night. they rescued a 63-year-old
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woman. she had burned and suffered from smoke inhalation and we're told she died at the hospital. a former army hospital is accused of purposely hitting a person with his car. gobe mckinney was the 5th major of the army. he picked up commuters from a slug line and those commuters complained about his driving and tried to take a picture of his license plate and that's when mckinney hit the gas and struck him. mckinney is charged with malicious wounding. more testimony today in the chandra leaving murder trial. on the stand yesterday was gary condit, saying he had nothing to do with her death. but he refused to say whether he had an intimate relationship with her former inturn. >> reporter: gary condit refused to answer several questions about his relationship with chandra levy, telling the court on direct and cross-examination he wouldn't do it out of respect for chandra.
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he told the court, i'm not going to answer those questions. i'm not going to respond to those questions. are you pleading the 5th ask the prosecutor? no, i'm not going to answer the questions that respect chandra and my privacy. when he kaz -- when he was called to testify to the grand jury, i took the fifth. this federal prosecutor was not serious and there to harass me. the guy decided he wanted to grill to me and lied to me. and when asked by the prosecutor why he wouldn't acknowledge the affair publicly, condit replies i believe we're entitled to some level of privacy the i have a right to set boundaries. i didn't commit any crime. i didn't do anything wrong. hanes then asked, did you care about her? yes. did you have anything to do
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with her disappearance? no ma'am. did you hill her? no ma'am. in questioning condit they attempted to show that he still has something to hide. >> paul wagner reporting. former congressman condit also told the court he never broke off his relationship with chandra. he cared for her and feels they would still be friends today. he told the court with mrs. levy in the audience, having to testify broke his heart. jury selection continues today in the trial of the man accused of kidnapping elizabeth smart. yesterday the 9 potential jurors were retained. smart's accused kidnapper david mitchell -- david mitchell watched from a screen after he was removed for singing hymns during jury selection. a woman in monroe, michigan, wrote a letter to the president telling about her
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struggles and he wrote back. and that letter has brought some much-needed help. >> overwhelmed and scared. what do i do now? >> reporter: calling the last two years rough for jen klein would be an understatement. her hus lost his job and then the 28-year-old mother of two lost hers, her house insurance and then diagnosed with two types of skin cancer. >> i couldn't make my bills. you can't make your bills with unemployment. nobody can. so i just got more and more in debt. >> reporter: she said when president obama was elected, things started to change. after watching the obama family during a december '09 christmas special and how they related to the american people, jen was inspired to write him a letter. to tell him her husband finally found work. the president's pell grant and extension in unemployment benefit as lou -- allowed her to go to college. >> when jen wrote the letter, she thought it would be a nice thing to do. she never thought in her wildest dreams president obama
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would take the time to write her back, and then he did. >> i was so excited. i told -- i mean it was the topic of conversation for weeks. here do you want to see it. and i got a letter and everyone is like, yeah, okay. >> reporter: on white house stationery president obama thanked for her her letter and acknowledged times are tough but thanks to things liker and her husband, things will get better. >> and they are. he had a big chair to fill. he walked into a mess. >> reporter: but things aren't getting better fast enough. a auto dealer found out about jen's rare letter from the president and offered to buy the handwritten document for $7,000. >> i figured it would be an envelope i could show my grandkids some day. i never thought it was anything i would sell. >> looking to buy a house. the offer was too good to refuse. >> there comes a point in your life when your kids and family are more important than a piece of paper. my family is the most important
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thing to me. and this is the best option that we have. >> reporter: jen no longer has the original. but she will always hold that letter close to her heart. >> he sat down at his desk and he took maybe just a minute out of his day to scribble that down really quick, but he didn't take a minute out of his day for everybody. he took a minute out of his day for me. >> reporter: giving her now a personal stimulus of sorts. allowing jen to finally buy a place she and her family can have of their own. >> i'm living the american dream. >> sometimes the twists and turns of a story are fascinating. great to get the letter. anyone would love to get a letter from the president of the united states. and then for the letter to actually come into play to help her situation, that's remarkable. >> right. good luck to her. >> it's too bad she couldn't keep the letter. but at least she has a copy of it. >> and $7,000 that will help with the bills. >> that's right. very good. coming up, a warning in the
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wake of the foiled cargo plane terror plot. what u.s. officials are concerned about and the hunt for the suspect. and glee has put show choirs on the map and now one of our own is on top of the heap. holly, good morning. >> reporter: there is nothing like being serenaded by america's show choir and that is the case as i'm live at chantilly high school where a touch of class is doing an encore performance after winning a nationwide award. we'll tell you all about it live later. first this is our trivia question of the day. what was the name of the home town of comic strip hero popeye the sailer man? was it fort sea side, poppyville or sweet water. you can take a guess on our facebook page.
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we have much more ahead this morning. keep it right here. wecan.d 
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a warning in the wake of the foiled cargo plane terror plat. u.s. officials say there could be more mail bombs in the system. al-asiri is the main suspect behind the mail bombs addressed to synogogues in chicago. both were intercepted on cargo lean -- planes last week. investigators are using the bomb parts to track down the bomb maker. packages from a foreign country with no return address or excessive postage are being heavily scrutinized. in iran, the trial of three american hikers is delayed. one of them, sarah shord was let go in eptember. but two others are still being held. they were hiking in july of 2009 in northern iraq near the iranian border. iran accused the three friends
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of spying and illegally entering the country. the 23-year-old woman was let go on half a million dollars bail on humanitarian grounds. she was not summoned to attend the saturday trial. >> there are so many reasons that it's better for me to be free, so that i can advocate for shane and josh and i will tirelessly do this. >> the american citizens were grabbed and taken into iran and that's clearly almost an act of war in my judgment. so what are we doing here? >> the state department said that it also doesn't know exactly which side of the border they were on but said there is no justification for holding the hikers for 15 months without a charge. the chilean miner who jogged on a regular basis while trapped has accepted an invitation to run in sunday's new york city marathon. marathon officials send edison pena an invite after hearing his story. he plans to run.
9:27 am
pena and 32 other miners were rescued after spending 69 days trapped nearly a half mile underground. it's a story we've been following for years. is there a cancer cluster at fort detrick in maryland? test results of ground water in that area are now in. we'll tell you what they showed. and seriously talk about a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. we'll show you this version of the beyonce's popular song and can you tell who that? don't be afraid. >> oh, no. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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[ music ] watch out beyonce. that is shaquille o'neal. yes, it is. he's giving beyonce a run for her money.
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the 7'5" player unveiled shaqita. he posted this video on twitter. so he did it, of his lip sync. and that is probably the most accurate description. he's waiting all year to do this. >> well you know what, he's going for it. tucker and i found out, you have to go in all the way. >> but beyonce is a million times cuter than that. >> we know that. >> are you comparing that to your -- because what you did is different. you're talking about when they were making -- he's like a different gender and everything. >> i know. but if he's going to do it, he has to go all in. >> but why is he doing it, is the question? >> that's another question. >> just for fun. all right. the alter ego. >> he is not a pretty woman.
9:32 am
>> no, he's a very, very big woman. >> what is he? >> 7'3". >> that's a large woman. >> get out of shakita's way. it's still 39 degrees. >> we've been stuck here for four hours. >> is that strange? >> i think it is. not as strange as the video i just saw but it is strange. >> is something broken over there? >> no. temperatures cold and jacket weather here to stay. chilly all week. our daytime highs later in afternoon will be back into the low to mid-50s but that's not too bad because we get into the weekend and it will be cooler. dry out there today. if you are going out to vote, definitely a jacket if you are going to be outdoors. and it won't be raining. next chance for showers arrive on thursday. then as we get into the weekend, upper 40s for daytime highs. we might squeak out a 50 here in town but most of the area in the upper 40s so it will feel like late december or early january for a day as we get
9:33 am
into the weekend. feels like late december and january. right now cool temperatures out there. 39 at reagan national. gaithersburg 30 degrees. check out the teams below the freezing mark. upped to 37 in frederick. they were 32 a few minutes ago. 32 in martinsberg. 30 in hagerstown. so plenty of cold air off to the north and west. 38 in quantico. getting updates here. annapolis is 40. and leonardtown 41. our daytime highs back into the low 50s. that's the good news in the forecast. should be a mostly sunny afternoon. we have cloudiness out to the west. some high clouds moving through at this hour. they won't amount to much. sort of the leading edge of a little storminess well off to the south and west. and this area of low pressure, a piece of this energy, will start to bring us clouds and the potential for a coastal storm during the day on thursday. so that will be our next chance for some shower activity. for today, a lot of sunshine. cold morning, cool afternoon. 54 for your afternoon high and winds out of the north and east at 5 miles per hour.
9:34 am
clear and cold tonight. frost will return. 37 in town so upper 20s, low 30s if you are outside of the beltway. then we'll start a gradual warm- up and i do want to emphasize gradual with highs in the upper 50s by thursday with some rain showers and then we get cold again for saturday with highs only about 50 here in town. 40s off to the north and west. let's look -- that's a look at the forecast. allison, back to you. we have a fox 5 follow-up. government officials say test results of the ground water at fort detrick reveal no harmful chemicals present. >> and another twist for families who blamed their histories of cancer on the army post. bob barnard sat down with some effected family members. >> it is shocking. it's outrageous to see what we're seeing. >> we feel there is not much we can do, for those that are gone, except to speak up. >> it's got to be taken care of
9:35 am
and cleaned up and full disclosure made from detrick. >> reporter: the army's fort detrick in maryland is ground zero in a scandalous battle over cancer rates. >> in the last two years, this cancer has devastated my family. >> reporter: randy white said he grew up half a mile from the army post suspected cancer hot spot known as area b. >> my daughter, who is 27 years old, kristin, she developed brain cancer. and she was gone within six months, died in my arms. >> we want them to get rid of the stuffs that in the ground, so that no one else can get this. >> reporter: shirley rice said 12 members of her husband's family have died from the same rare form of leukemia, including charles rice who farmed the land around fort detrick. >> it's devastating. you get a telephone call from a relative you haven't heard from for a while and you know it's
9:36 am
going to be bad news. >> my mom is sick. she was diagnosed with cll,. >> reporter: dotty worked at fort detrick during the cold war. >> i've been off for weeks and i take care of her. and i'm not getting any money while i'm off work. >> reporter: monday night debbie, shirley and other families found out the latest water test results. fort detrick have tested 40 water posts and not one has come back with a detectable level of any harmful kehmicals. but randy white said he had the ground near carol creek tested and found traces of a chemical called tce, at twice what the epa considers safe levels. >> so the frederick citizens
9:37 am
need to be aware that somebody's being poisoned and we feel like it's fort detrick. >> reporter: more to come n. frederick, maryland, bob barnard, fox 5 news. we have some breaking news to bring you right now. fox 5 has just learned of shots fired into a coast guard recruiting office in woodbridge, virginia. it's unclear when this happened. we do know police are on the scene right now. it looks as if this is pretty close to potomac mills mall. this makes now the 5th shooting at a military facility since october 17th. a gunman has twice targeted the marine corp museum near quantico. fired once at the pentagon and once at a marine recruiting station in chantilly. again shots fired in a coast guard recruiting center in woodbridge and we don't know when the shots were fired. the police are on the scene. criminals or hollywood refugees. what actor randy quaid and his wife have to say about their
9:38 am
odd behavior. and she's a big disney teen star and now demi lovato has checked into a hospital. we're going to tell you why.  women are charged 40% more for the same health insurance as men.
9:39 am
domestic violence is treated as a pre-existing condition in eight states. women are abused by their husbands and then by their insurance companies. and last year they tried to end our coverage for mammograms and other preventive services. well i'm proud to say i got the law changed. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition.
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sad story. another young star off to rehab. singer demi lovato, singer and actress, checked into a clinic last night. she is seeking treatment for emotional and physical issues. she's one of the biggest names at disney. the 18-year-old is a star of the camp rock movies and the hit show show sunny with a chance. she got her start on barney and friends. now in the past she suffered from an eating disorder. we wish her the best. charlie sheen splitting from his wife. he filed for divorce from his wife of two years on monday
9:42 am
citing irreconcilable differences. no word on a custody agreement for their twin sons. the news comes just days after sheen's outburst at a new york city hotel and the brief hospital stay that followed. another troubled hollywood star, listen closely. actor randy quaid and his wife are making an effort to fix their image. they said hollywood is murdering movie stars. quaid said that the alleged killers are hunting him and his wife, quote, tag their cell phone and hack into their computer. both of them deny accusations of mental illness and drug use. they've been arrested three times in six months for various offenses, including skipping out on a $10,000 hotel bill and fleeing to canada after missing a court appearance. >> we don't have time to talk about it. you know what dave chapel said, hollywood makes you crazy. he walks away from his deal.
9:43 am
our facebook fan of the day is missy lockhart triplet. her daughter sammy turns 9-year- old today. happy birthday. missy said they start every day off with fox 5 morning news. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news and there is no space between fox and 5 and post a comment and find out tomorrow if you've been picked. a cold winter plus a poor job market could equal one bad combination. why hundreds of people are seeking help with their energy bills are already getting the cold shoulder. and holly has been with the touch of class show choir at chantilly high school this morning. coming up, she's talking to students about how they think the school glee has influenced groups like theirs. we'll be back in just a moment.
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women are charged 40% more for the same health insurance as men. domestic violence is treated as a pre-existing condition in eight states. women are abused by their husbands and then by their insurance companies. and last year they tried to end our coverage for mammograms and other preventive services. well i'm proud to say i got the law changed. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition.
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9:46 am
well it's 39 right now. the cold weather is here. that means higher utility bills
9:47 am
for heating your home and if you find yourself in need of help paying your utility bill, you're not alone. >> 8,000 d.c. residents have reached out for energy assistance for the coming winter. and as melanie alnwick found out, the need is even greater than that. >> reporter: on this chilly november morning, on taylor street northwest -- >> honestly, what do i do? >> reporter: the voices of desperation and frustration echoed each other. >> what do i do. >> can i ask you a question, what do you suggest we do? >> reporter: hundreds showed up for help with help for energy bills. >> i've fell behind. i've done all of these years. i've been in d.c. for 45 years. and for the first time in my life i need some assistance. >> reporter: but janey and many others couldn't find it here. monday services were only offered to those whose utilities have already been disconnected. several customers told us they
9:48 am
already applied for utility assistance in september, during the d.c. joint utility discount day. that program funded by federal and d.c. government money is meant to help low-income residents through this coming winter. but the unusually hot summer and bad job market means more people falling behind before the high heating bills even kick in. >> i managed to pay one. one got paid. the other one didn't. so i'm out here trying to get some help to get my gas back on because it's cold in my house. >> reporter: so while five processes inside helped get emergency cases into the system, customers on the virginia of a cut-off were told they have to wait for an appointment. >> it sounds like you guys are overwhelmed? >> not at all. we understand that people want their services on and we're trying to process people as they call for assistance. >> reporter: ron smith said he came here to help his friend patrick avoid a shutoff. >> i just don't want to see him in the dark. >> reporter: but that may
9:49 am
happen before many here get help. >> that was melanie alnwick reporting. pepco said call them directly to work out a payment plan. washington gas said call 311 to get an appointment for assistance. and if your power gets shut off you can apply for emergency help. back now to our breaking news this hour. shots fired into the coast guard recruiting center in woodbridge. the office we're told is right next to potomac mills mall. it is unclear exactly when the shooting happened but it is certainly unnerving considering this is now the 5th shooting at a military facility since october 17th. the gunman has twice targeted marine corp museum, the pentagon was hit once and bullets went through a window at a marine recruiting station in chantilly. but breaking news, shots fired into a coast guard recruiting center in woodbridge near potomac mills mall. we'll be on top of this one for
9:50 am
you. there was a emergency yesterday. a giant landslide under a residential street left a huge sinkhole. this happened yesterday in a central german city. people were evacuated from 23 buildings. nobody was hurt. here it is. struck him out. and for the first time since 1954, the giants are world champions. >> music to the ears of folks in the bay area. the giants eliminatedle rangers to -- eliminated rangers. series mvp edgar renteria hit the game-winning three-run homer in the 7th. >> i know that because steve chenevey taught me last hour. >> i wasn't watching. the touch of class choir at chantilly high school has been
9:51 am
famed america's favorite show choir by parade magazine. >> reporter: and holly is learning more about these star singers. 39 star singers maked -- makes up a touch of class. tell me your name. >> taylor. >> lauren. >> greg. >> and i know you two are huge gleeks. so do you think a show like that has had an impact on groups like you guys? >> i think it has because it's gotten everybody else in the school to come and see what we do and more people are coming to the shows and it's awesome. >> reporter: i want to know how true the show is to what goes on in show choirs. so do you have input into the songs you sing and do you say, hey -- do you ever see a song on the show and say, i want to do that? >> we're doing jump which is from glee. and it's our life. we don't get a slushy to the face every day, but -- >> reporter: i was worried about that in the white uniforms. >> that's how we live. that's real life for us. >> reporter: it's the highlight of your school day, i'm thinking. >> it definitely is.
9:52 am
every day that we have rehearsal its like, yeah, rehearsal. >> reporter: do you have the same drama. who is dating who? no, i'm just kidding. you don't have to answer that. and you, sir, are too busy to watch tv. so obviously this group has had an impact on you in a different way? >> absolutely. i'm been in a lot of performances and this is an honor to work with a lot of talented people who are dedicated to what they do. >> reporter: and do i hear right, you have the lead in dirty rotten scoundrels. >> yes. that's our musical this next coming week and i have this and a job so i'm busy all of the time. >> reporter: do something with your life. and i want to bring in sarah because she is theco director and an alum of the group. good morning to you. so this group has impact the your life on several levels. >> absolutely. i was a four-year member a few years ago and after going to college i went to new york city
9:53 am
and performed professionally for years. >> reporter: and now you're giving back. she does the choreography. and there are so many public schools that struggle to keep music and arts alive and this is thriving in chantilly. >> and we've been around for a while but we are now definitely on the map. >> reporter: so let's round out the morning with a little van halen and jump. [ music ] ♪
9:54 am
[ singing ] >> reporter: a touch of class named as the favorite show choir. here in our area.
9:55 am
take advantage of the performances they have. and the next one is the fall coral concert. all of the high schools are performing on november 11th. is our website. we have a link to theirs so you can find out about the different times they are performingment and i'll put it in your ear now, in may they're having a special 25th anniversary concert and they have 75 alumni comes back to perform. super fun morning for us. back to you guys. >> can i be a corn ball for a second. i love to see young people to passionate about something. >> you took the words right out of my mouth. >> and the talent they have. that's great. well we're back right after the break with the answer to your trivia question. >> but first here is wendy williams with a look at what is coming up on her show today. how are you doing? wendy williams here and we have a great show for you today. she's the most recent contest
9:56 am
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before we end the newscast we want to remind you of our breaking fuse story. shots fired into the coast guard recruiting office in woodbridge near potomac mills mall. police have not said when they think the shooting happened but they are on the scene now investigating. this makes the 5th shooting at a military facility since october 17th. the others include the marine corp museum hit twice, the pentagon shot at once, and a marine corp recruiting office in chantilly. we'll be on top of the story all day long. stay with for updates. and cool conditions out there this afternoon. high temperature only in the low to mid-50s. we'll do it again tomorrow. maybe some showers on thursday and you know tes


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